New York : The ‘pandemic’ of shootings detonated in the Big Apple the most violent year in 5 years

New York :

Already last September, with the registration of more than 1,000 shootings before ‘Labor Day’, New York City recorded the most violent year since 2015. Now, with the four weeks remaining to be discounted of this agonizing 2020 and after one of the ‘Thankgving’ weekends bloodiest in history, everything points to a decline in seat of the Big Apple as the most densely inhabited and safest city in the country.

There are several indicators: more than 95.8% shootings have increased compared to the previous year and an increase in more than 38.4% in the number of fatalities by bullet impacts.

Only last November there were 115 exchanges of shots in contrast to 51 last year in the same month.

On the statistics, the cold numbers of the detonations and the blood on the asphalt there is no discussion. But the controversy turns into a “Monster with a thousand heads” when it comes to determining what has more weight in this trend in a city that was always in a constant ‘line of fire’: coronavirus pandemic, protests over police brutality, police reforms and in the bail system. Also, an economic crisis that borders on the tragic.

On the streets of neighborhoods in The Bronx and Brooklyn, both counties highlighted since March as the main scenes of the bullets, the residents have found versions about what has most triggered the rise of violence and death in the streets.

“The year of violence”

“This has been the year of violence. I don’t remember times of so many problems, ”exclaims in the South Bronx the Dominican retired Milagros Trinidad, 73, one of thousands of New Yorkers who have heard the roar of bullets in the HighBridge neighborhood in the Salsa County.

“We had a few quiet years. But this 2020 everything was mixed so that they took power away from the police. I came to this city in 1966 and I had never heard so much attack on authority before. Now we see fewer cops. It’s true! You almost have to go to the police stations to talk to them, ”said Milagros.

The islander questions that the behavior of a group of officials of the New York City Police Department (NYPD) has put the label on a whole body of “Racists and criminals”.

“Discrimination comes from the White House and that reinforced certain behaviors, but that does not mean that the City had to take power away from our officials. Those who pay are the poor neighborhoods, that now we have less protection, “he said.

Blocks from Milagros’ residence, criminal actions, presumably from gangs, became very hot since the beginning of the summer. And they calmed down a bit in October.

June opened with two men killed inside a vehicle parked on HighBridge’s Sedgewick Avenue. In the first weeks of summer the shooting rate it went back there to 150%.

NYC has seen how in the first nine months of the year the murders have had a rebound close to 40%. (Photo: .- .)

NYPD: There are more arrests

Well into the fall, news of the shooting continued to spread in that town in the South Bronx, near the Yankee Stadium, with another shooting where a 23-year-old was injured on Anderson Avenue. Also inside a parked vehicle.

“The only risk here is that a stray bullet comes and hits you. But these are all problems, between gangs, between boys who are in trouble, who sell drugs. They do not interfere with the neighbors. They walk in their world shooting at each other from cars. But it is clear that the police are in the doldrums, ”explains the Puerto Rican Luis Segovia who has lived on Jerome Avenue for 20 years.

Meanwhile, NYPD sources reinforce that the detonations in the city are linked to the clash between gang groups, whose presence “shot” in the streets has increased this 2020 by 50%.

Spokesmen for the Uniformed, although they recognize The newspaper the resurgence of violence, they also ensure that only in October, the number of arrests for firearms increased by 102.4% in all counties.

“So far this year, the number of arrests for possession of weapons has increased by 15%. Last year they were captured for this crime to 2,876 people, this year 3,308”, Reports the police force that has been targeted by some sectors for allegedly having “Down the guard”, before the police reforms that have advanced since this summer.

Also, the NYPD commissioner Dermot Shea ponders that despite the fact that 2020 has faced that institution with “unprecedented challenges”, they are showing a powerful resilience.

“We will continue to be relentless in our mission to ensure public safety, new officials are joining and we will continue to apply data intelligence to prevent crime, “he said.

The Bronx and Brooklyn remain the most violent neighborhoods. (Photo: .)

Blood parties in Brooklyn

In contrast, the young man of Salvadoran origin Random Chacón, 25 and resident of Bedford-Stuyvesant, north of Brooklyn and which is a town that stands out on the map of the Big Apple as a “very hot” spot due to the action of armed gangs, he perceives that the “conduct of the Police generates tensions in the community.”

“It is a lie about the mediation and the neighborhood police. Here they come to chase the boys from the slums and put them on gang lists, without being part of them. Just for living here. That puts everything bad, ”said Chacón, who doubts that the community outreach policies announced by the City will generate positive effects in calming the explosion of crime.

On the eve of Thanksgiving in that Brooklyn town, seven people were shot, one fatally, when several armed men opened fire inside an apartment building, after another shooting that injured a 17-year-old teenager outside a party in East New York.

Police reported that four guns were fired from the first floor to the third floor of the apartment building of the Albany Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant, on the night of November 23.

This has been just one of the many disasters of pistols and gunpowder that police station 79 that serves ‘Bed-Stuy’ has had to attend to, where an increase of more than 100% in detonations has been observed in the statistics. From 33 shootings registered last year, this 2020 there are already 76.

Protests against police brutality occupied the attention of the Uniformed last summer. (Photo: F. Martínez)

Relative peace in Queens

The official information of the Uniformada indicates this year a slight increase in bullet incidents in some towns in Queens where for years the curve of violence was also kept under control, although there was a relative peace when compared to its neighboring counties of The Bronx and Brooklyn.

On the axis Jackson Heights and Woodside corresponding to police station 114, the detonations with firearms rose by 100%. As of this week, 24 bullet incidents doubled the 12 gunpowder events in 2019.

In the towns of Corona-East Elmhurst which has been the epicenter of the pandemic, no significant missile situations have been recorded, if contrasted with previous periods.

Oxygen to criminals

Although some academic analyzes away from political controversies agree that even with the increase in criminal violence in 2020, the Big Apple is a long way from the hellish periods of the 1980s, but they estimate that it is time to pay attention to the armed incidence that has had a jump in all the big cities from the country.

The FBI in its September report underscored that homicides across the country increased by almost 15% in the first six months of the year that is about to end.

Meanwhile, Christopher Herrmann, Former NYPD Crime Analyst Supervisor and a professor at John Jay College who is studying the links of the criminal upswing to the pandemic, has warned several local and national media that there is an unprecedented moment in New York City.

“The normal thing is that during the summer armed violence shoots up by 30%, this year it exceeded 120%, simply he’s out of control”, he said.

The academic argues that in the specific case of murders throughout the country, the tendency is for them to vary less than 1% generally year after year, but when the “FBI says that at the national level we have risen 15%, that is huge. We are obviously in front of a series of variables that we must analyze carefully”.

Beyond the depths of the investigations, a patrol officer in the Bronx told this media that although “more problems” were expected due to the adjustments in the Bail Bond Law reform, there was no way to anticipate the disaster caused by the pandemic and the protests over the death of George Floyd.

“Since the beginning of the year, we knew that the relaxation of the bail bond law was going to cause an increase in crime, but the pandemic and the looting nobody calculated it. And while in the summer we had to attend to a thousand things, the politicians of the City were promoting reforms and attacking the institution. All was a chaos that gave the gangs oxygen they felt more free, “said the police officer.

They trade guns for money in Queens

  • As a disarmament strategy that the NYPD has been a part of for many years this Saturday a new edition of the campaign will be held in Queens “Give up your gun for money”Promoted by civil organizations, churches and the District Attorney of that county.
  • This time the event will be held from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church at 23-20 Newtown in Long Island City.
  • The gun must be placed in a shoe box or paper bag, once the NYPD checks the operation of the gun you will be given a cash card for $ 200. Each person can deliver up to three weapons. More information by calling 311.

The cold doesn’t stop the bullets

  • 1,704 victims shots compared to 840 recorded during the same period last year. That’s a 102.9 percent increase according to the NYPD Compstat.
  • 422 people They have died until this Friday by bullet holes in the city, while last year the casualties were 305.
  • 95.8 percent Shooting incidents have risen so far this year, 1,386 shootings versus 708 through November 2019, not including data from the violent ‘Thanksgiving’ weekend.
  • 7 homicides They were only registered on Sunday, July 26, considered the bloodiest day of the year, in which 47 shootings were also recorded.
  • 40 shootings they joined the statistics for the last week of October, which means a 244% rebound when contrasted with these cold days in 2019.
  • 14 persons they were perforated with projectiles in Brooklyn and the Bronx during the past ‘Thanksgiving’ and ‘Black Friday’.
  • 28 persons were killed in all five counties in November, five more than those who died in 2019.
  • 3,793 arrests for illegal possession of firearms, compared to 3,104 last year.

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