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“I demand that you tell me how (IRS) Commissioner Rettig will try to improve taxpayer services in the coming days and weeks.”

The “Economic Impact Payment” in paper checks.

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Arizona Republican Representative Andy Briggs sent a letter to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) this Friday in which he questions what he considers delay of that office to issue 2019 tax refunds and the economic impact payments approved in Congress.

“We are living in unprecedented times. There are now some 40 million Americans unemployed, “Biggs says in the letter to which FOX News refers.

“My constituents cannot afford to wait days for simple responses on the status of their procedures, nor should they receive confusing or inconsistent guidelines when they finally receive responses,” added the politician in the letter.

“Two months into the COVID crisis, the IRS has yet to establish a way to return calls on time or finish processing paper refunds,” the Republican added directly to the network.

“I demand that you tell me how (IRS) Commissioner Rettig will try to improve services for taxpayers in the coming days and weeks,” added the interviewee.

Arizona is one of the states with the most businesses and closed spaces due to the “stay-at-home” order that is in force since March 31.

Although the IRS has not responded directly to the legislator’s summons, through a press release yesterday on its website the disbursement of $ 257.9 billion in economic aid provided under the CARES Act was awarded.

“The Economic Impact Payments have continued to come out at a rapid rate to Americans across the country, “said the IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig.

According to the agency’s chart that lists by state the number of deposits or stimulus checks sent through May 22 and the total amount of money, 3,242,043 have been distributed in Arizona for an amount of $ 5,573,167,261.