New York : These are the benefits of adding a handful of prunes to your slimming smoothies

New York :

These are the benefits of adding a handful of prunes to your slimming smoothies

Make your smoothies the best ally of health by adding prune, they provide a lot of energy and help purify the body.

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Current health and nutrition trends, especially those focused on weight loss, agree on the benefits of consumption of smoothies to enhance weight loss and optimize digestive health. Based on this, all kinds of recommendations have come to light on the best highly nutritional ingredients that can not be missing, in these powerful and satisfying drinks.

In recent months one of the most popular recommendations from nutritionists is the simple fact that add a handful of prunes in the morning smoothies. It is a nutritional addition that is associated with great medicinal and therapeutic benefits. As background it is important to mention that lprunes have come a long way and some bad reputationIt turns out that in 2000, plum growers obtained permission from the Administration of Food and Drug (FDA) to market their fruits as “dried plums” instead of “prunes”. The truth is that for some this simple name change made too much sense and a positive connotation, Finally How appetizing can a fruit be when it conjures up images of wrinkled fingers after too long and too hot a bath?

The truth is that these perceptions have somewhat overshadowed the benefits of prunes, and in fact make them largely overlookable. When in reality these sweet, chewy, crinkly dried fruits are little bombs of nutrients and fiber. Just uA serving of five prunes has less than 100 calories, can help calm the appetite and it contains a large number of healthy components.

When eaten frequently, prunes have been shown to contribute very positively to overall intake of dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals and phenolic compounds important. Integrating them into juices and smoothies is a great alternative for those who find it difficult or impossible to consume them whole. That is why we took on the task of compiling the great benefits of integrating them into the smoothies, you will get all its benefits and a drink of the most energetic, slimming and digestive.

Reasons to add prunes to smoothies:

1. They promote good digestion

Probably one of the most popular benefits of prunes of all time is its positives effects on the digestive system. In particular, prunes have the peculiarity of accelerating intestinal transit and this is related to their content in: fiber and sorbitol. SAccording to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), prunes contain 3 grams of fiber and although they are heard as little, it is almost 10% of the recommended daily value, of the 25 to 30 grams of fiber daily. Half of that is insoluble fiber, which is known to help food move through the digestive tract faster to improve bowel regularity and bowel movements. That is why they are considered a great ally to treat hemorrhoids, especially when they are caused by constipation. The laxative properties of prunes are related to their high sorbitol contentThey are ideal for eliminating everything that the body does not need.

2. They help prevent blood sugar from rising

Much has been said about the consumption of fresh and dried fruits, for their high sugar content that can be associated with glucose disturbances. Nevertheless prunes are one of the few exceptions, as they contain 18 grams of sugar, but the soluble fiber they do actually contain slows down how quickly they are digested and absorbed, which helps prevent blood sugar levels from taking a drastic jump.

3. They are satiating and help reduce appetite

Integrating the consumption of prunes into the daily diet is very valuable not only for control body weight, also to promote faster weight loss. Without a doubt one of his most powerful reasons is related to his satiating power, which is due to his extraordinary fiber content. They also promote slower digestion, which means your appetite will remain calm for longer. Second, prunes have a low glycemic index. This means that they belong to the group of foods that slowly increase blood glucose (sugar) levels, the reason scientists are associated with their high sorbitol content; a sugar alcohol with a slow absorption rate. One of the best recommendations from doctors and nutritionists for good diabetes control is to avoid spikes in blood sugar levels and these can be caused by foods with a high glycemic index. It has A study of 2009, in which it was found that eat dried plums as a snack it can suppress hunger for longer than a low-fat cookie. So if you are on a weight loss program, adding prunes will make a difference.

4. Promote post-workout recovery and improve performance

Before and after physical activity, drink a smoothie containing prunes It is a great recommendation! It is a drink that will provide a lot of energy, which promotes better physical performance and also by containing good levels of potassium, it is an ideal addition to regulate muscle contractions and promote a healthy heart rate. For added context a cup of plums, provides 1274 milligrams of potassium Nothing bad! At the same time it is an essential nutrient to promote the elimination of liquids, toxins, salts and retained fats.

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