New York : These were the most popular baby names of 2020

New York :

Every year, customs and trends are changing, and we say it in all aspects, including the subject of baby names. Those who were in this 2020 fashion neither they were precisely a decade ago or they will be in the next few years.

The site conducted an analysis to find out what the most popular baby names were this year, discovering that today, parents get carried away by fashions and what we call pop culture than for the traditional or ancestral.

“Both Donald and Karen are nowhere in the top 1,000 names … Both names are now associated with negative personal traits,” explained Jennifer Moss, founder and CEO of

Moss also indicated that now, parents are opting for related or “empowering” names. “I think parents want to instill strength in their children during these difficult times,” he added.

Given this, then we leave you the list of the most popular baby names this year.

Baby names that were a trend in this 2020

For kids

1) Oliver

2) Liam

3) Theodore

4) Ethan

5) Aidan

6) Benjamin

7) Declan

8) Gabriel

9) Finn

10) Elijah

11) Henry

12) Owen

13) Caleb

14) Alexander

15) Grayson

16) Sebastian

17) Leo

18) Levi

19) Jasper

20) Lucas

For girl

1) Amelia

2) Charlotte

3) Aurora

4) Violet

5) Olivia

6) Ava

7) Aria

8) Moon

9) Island

10) Hazlet

11) Scarlett

12) Maeve

13) Nora

14) Sophia

15) Chloe

16) Freya

17) Abigail

18) Audrey

19) Grace

20) Adelaide

And for 2021?

According to Moss, the trend for next year are names that include the sound “ph” for girls, such as Sophia, Ophelia, Josephine and Persephone, and for boys those that give a bold personality, such as Rogue and Maverick, Remington, Blade , Freya and Apollo.

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