New York : They are reunited with their son 45 years after being given up for adoption without their consent

New York :

A story told on Irish television in a program called “Long Lost Family” It has been around the world because it turns out to be quite emotional.

Kevin and Phyllis Haran are a married couple who lives in County Clare and who they met when they were teenagers. Within a few months of starting their courtship, Phyllis became pregnant.

Moved by the fear of what their parents could do when they heard this news, since they came from very conservative families, they decided to run away from their homes to move to London, where they rented a room to live in and started working some odd jobs.

At 6 months, Haran gave birth to a baby boy they named Sean. When the woman who rented them the room found out about the arrival of the little one, she decided to run them away, so they lived a few days in the street.

This worried the couple, especially because of the vulnerability of their newborn, so they coThey contacted an adoption agency so that temporarily, some family could take care of Sean, who at that time was 5 weeks old.

The baby was given to a Spanish family living in the English capital, without knowing that they could adopt their son permanently if they did not solve their financial problems.

2 months later, the couple managed to find a stable job, rented a house and asked for their baby; however, the adoption agency told them that it was best for Sean to stay with the Spanish family.

The parents then appealed to the authorities and a judge determined that the baby was legally adopted by the Iberians.

Saddened by what happened, Kevin and Phyllis returned to Ireland, married and had 3 other children: two women and a boy who died in 2008 in a road accident. And for decades, the couple continued to hope to find their firstborn.

The long awaited reunion

45 years later, this marriage contacted the production of “Long Lost Family” and that’s how They found out that Sean lives in a town in Madrid and that he changed his name and is now Rubén Molinero.

The people from the program got Rubén to travel to Ireland and he will be reunited with his biological parents precisely in the hotel where they stayed when they met and fell in love.

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