New York : They capture drug traffickers crossing drugs as Hanna winds hit the US border

In one of the cases, when they were surprised they threw the marijuana and returned to the Mexican side

Narcos cross drugs during Hurricane Hanna

Photo: CBP Security Camera / Courtesy

Border Patrol Agents (CBP) revealed that while the natural phenomenon Hanna wreaked havoc on Texasgroups of drug trafficking They were doing their own thing, so they managed to seize more than 610 pounds of marijuana worth more than $539,000, Dollars.

Through a statement they reported that agents who work at the checkpoint of the Patrol Border of Falfurrias forwarded a Chevrolet Tahoe to the secondary inspection area after K9 agents issued an alert.

It was revealed that the drug traffickers were captured by special cameras.

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During the inspection, officers discovered 21 marijuana packages hidden inside the vehicle. Marijuana weighed over 50 pounds has an estimated value of $ 45,000 dollars. Agents arrested the driver and turned the case over to the Drug Enforcement Administration for investigation.

Agents later responded to the report of several subjects running with suspected packages of narcotics near River Big City, Texas.

When the agents approached the area, they observed that the group of smugglers abandoned the packages and ran towards the River Big. Agents seized a total of five packages of marijuana, weighing more than 230 pounds combined and with an estimated value of $ 188,000.

At the same time, the agents of the city of River Big They located a second group of smugglers carrying packages of narcotics, this within a few miles of the previous group. When officers approached, the suspected drug traffickers dropped the packages and swam to Mexico. In that maneuver, agents seized seven packages of marijuana weighing more than 380 pounds and with an estimated value of $ 306,000.

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