New York : They capture triplets apparently chatting with ghost in their room

New York :

Hundreds of videos related to paranormal activity circulate on the Internet and in several of them, the protagonists They are usually children who have contact or interact with beings that are in the afterlife.

It is said that it is common for minors to contact ghosts because they have a purer soul, so it is not surprising that later we see the little ones talking to themselves or that they sometimes tell us that they have seen someone in certain rooms of the house or public places and that adults claim not to observe them.

On this subject, a video has recently gone viral that has caused a little fright and fear to those who have seen it since it shows some triplets talking to one of the walls of their room, as if there were another person in the place although in reality, they are alone.

Some media indicated that the recording was made on January 26 in a home in Georgia. The girls’ mother, Caitlin Nichols, went to check on the triplets through a monitor that she put in her room and that was how she realized that the babies seemed to be arguing with something or someone who did not reach the camera.

In the recording, the 2-year-old Presley triplets, Millie and Hays, can be clearly seen pointing and playing with something on a wall in their room.

Other ghost experiences of these triplets

According to Nichols, it is not the first time that his daughters star in a similar scene.

Several weeks ago, the girls were taking naps and suddenly woke up screaming, as if something had scared them.

In addition, the mother indicated that the triplets tend to wake up constantly at night, pointing to the wall that appears in the video, as they say that there is a monster.

He also indicated that various paranormal events have occurred in his home, such as toys that are activated at night and without anyone touching them.

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