New York : They criticize Ester Exposito for allegedly making his Mexican fans ugly

New York :

They criticize Ester Exposito for allegedly making his Mexican fans ugly

Ester Exposito.

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Ester Exposito He was the target of criticism on social networks after allegedly playing ugly to his Mexican fans.

The Spanish actress went to an amusement park in Mexico City with her boyfriend Alejandro Speitzer. The fans, upon realizing the presence of the blonde, were excited and began to yell at her to greet her.

Apparently Exposito did not like receiving so much attention and, accompanied by security personnel, decided to leave the place quickly covering his face, which annoyed his followers.

In networks circulate the images of the rudeness of the actor of the series ‘Elite’ and of course the comments against her did not wait.

Gorgeous and beautiful Ester Exposito, but super suckerWrote one user.

So far, Ester has not given statements about this event, but it seems that she already has someone to defend her and it is not exactly her boyfriend.

The actor Roberto Carlo, who is a friend of the couple, came out to stand up for the Spanish, arguing that he was with her on that visit to the amusement park.

In an interview with the journalist Michelle Rubalcava, Carlo assured that she took that attitude because many people, when they recognized her, did not respect the healthy distance and went overboard in order to get a photo.

“We were in a group that were taking care of us, suddenly they started to make riots with Alex and Ester; what happened is that they began to disrespect him. But she explained to them that they were in a pandemic“, said.

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