New York : They explain why Trump’s orders on unemployment insurance and taxes are a bad idea

Democrats, meanwhile, ask the president to return to negotiations for new aid of $ 1,200

Although they sound positive, the president’s executive orders Donald trump They will bring some consequences to the government coffers and will affect the Social Security system in the long term, experts said.

“Their actions not only raise serious legal and operational problems, but will also – even if implemented – will likely cause millions of people to end up worse off than they were a few weeks ago,” he warned. Neera Tanden, President of the Center for American Progress (CAP. “In announcing his payroll tax plan, Trump made it clear that he wants to permanently terminate a major source of funding for the Social Security program.”.

I charge that the president’s approach to Social Security would benefit large corporations, not workers directly.

“Trump also announced that unemployed workers should immediately see a decrease of a third in their income, at a time when they can barely afford one,” he added in reference to that the bonus to that insurance would be $ 400 dollars, not $ 600 as Democrats propose.

Tanden stressed the need to pass the HEROES Law of the Democrats, endorsed by the House last May, which contemplates broad benefits directly to families, including the undocumented, in addition to incentives for state and local governments.

On the student loan order, he says it would lock out up to nine million borrowers and does nothing to extend benefits for essential workers like teachers and nurses.

Democratic leaders in Congress Nancy pelosi (California), Speaker of the House of Representatives, Charles schumer (New York), minority leader in the Senate, have asked the president to put aside his strategy and resume negotiations for the new stimulus package, in order to approve funds that do not affect the structure of the Government’s social programs federal.

At his private club in Bedminster, New Jersey, President Trump signed orders that extend unemployment benefits, suspend payroll taxes and offer federal eviction relief and student loan relief. On Friday, the Secretary of the Treasury, Steven MnuchinHe announced that he would recommend that the president make that decision.

The Republican’s plan does not contemplate the $ 1,200 dollars directly to each person, because these funds must be approved in Congress, which assigns the budget.

The White House Treaty Director, Peter navarroHe noted that President Trump may delay tax collection through actions by the Treasury Department, but did not explain in an NBC News interview how that would impact social programs in the future.

However, he said both Republicans and Democrats will have to find a middle ground on a possible negotiation of a stimulus package.

The leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell, defended the decision of President Trump and criticized the Democrats for “sabotaging” the negotiations with what he called “absurd demands”, in reference to support for schools and state and local governments.

Called to negotiate

Democratic congressional leaders issued a joint statement Saturday night stating that Trump “still does not understand the severity or urgency of the economic and health crises facing working families.”

An order issued Saturday directs the Treasury Department to allow employers to defer paying Social Security payroll taxes from employees until the end of 2020 for Americans who receive less than about $ 100,000 per year.

We are disappointed that instead of working to solve the problems of Americans, the president chose to stay on his luxury golf course to announce non-functional policy announcements., weak and narrow to cut unemployment benefits that millions desperately need and endanger seniors “Social Security and Medicare,” lawmakers said.

Pelosi and Schumer considered that the president “has not understood” the level of crisis that the US is facing.

“President Trump still does not understand the severity or urgency of the economic and health crises facing working families,” Democrats said in a joint statement. “We are disappointed that instead of working to solve the problems of Americans, the president chose to stay on his luxury golf course to announce ineffective, weak and narrow policies.”

In agreement with an expert, the Democrats added that the Republican’s decision cuts unemployment benefits and endangers the elderly with exemption from payroll taxes, which would affect the Social Security and Medicare program.

Although to a lesser extent than HEROES Law $ 3 trillion endorsed by Democrats in May in the House, the Republican package of just over $ 1 trillion with the HEALS Act consider other supports.

Schumer and Pelosi warned of the risk on a number of fronts, including state and local governments, as well as the Postal Service in the face of the rise in vote by mail.

Democrats asked Republicans to return to the negotiating table to approve more comprehensive aid in Congress.