New York : This is how Jameela Jamil became one of the Kardashian’s enemies

The actress and activist has become one of the main criticisms of the family

Jameela Jamil.

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Jameela Jamil 34 years old is an actress who has worried about not keeping quiet about anything, the London activist has been in charge of denouncing the macho practices of the industry and also has launched itself openly against important figures, one of them is the famous Kardashian-Jenner family.

On more than one occasion, the actress criticized family members for their comments on social networks, such as when Khloé He assured in his Instagram stories that “the only thing a girl wanted was to eat and not get fat”, Jameela did not hesitate to ensure that Khloé was harassed by her own family to make her believe she has to be thin.

But this battle does not have long started, after the actress gained fame with the series The Good Place began to use it to boost body positive discourse and little by little he commented about the unattainable physique of the sisters.

Even the sisters inspired him to create the account “I_Weigh” (I weigh) which was born to invite women to say their real weight regardless of what the industry said “is the ideal”.

The truth is that the famous clan has more than one public enemy so they do not care about Jameela’s comments, or if they do, they hide it very well. Jameela recently surprised by lightening criticism towards Kim, which suggests that maybe he will give him a breath because of the situation in your marriage.

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