New York : This is the mini camper with a futuristic design that can be easily adapted to your car

The Polydrop mini-caravan has space for a bed for two people, a kitchenette, and even a shower with hot water

Have a mini caravan that offers the comfort and has the equipment of a camper vehicle is now possible thanks to the Polydrop, a mini-caravan with futuristic design, very spacious and avant-garde. This minicaravan can be towed by any type of vehicle and without the need to significantly increase consumption when towing it.

The design of the Polydrop plays with geometric shapes for a more youthful look worthy of the 21st century. The cabin is 1.91 meters long and at its widest point, 1.72 meters. Its interior height, not including the mattress for two people, is 1.08 meters.

According to the Diariomotor portal, the problem of space in traditional caravans has been solved in the Polydrop thanks to its appearance that evokes a “spaceship”. The large doors are very close to the front, and a vital skylight has been placed on the roof. But without a doubt, it is the geometric shape of the interior and the interior storage spaces that contribute the most to the feeling of space. The bed for two It has dimensions of 1.90 m long and 1.22 m wide.

In addition to a integrated display, has stationary heating, and the entire set of on-board controls are at hand. The combination of white tones and light wood make the interior a pleasant and cozy place. At the rear is the storage module and the kitchen. With a clean and simple layout, it features a gas cooker with a work surface, a small sink, a Dometic fridge of 20 liters (optional) and several spaces in which to store food. With all folded this space can also accommodate general cargo.

Optionally we can equip an awning and a shower system whose water – has a capacity of about 15 liters that is heated by the sun. The on-board systems are powered by a 12-volt AGM battery, charged by a 100-watt solar panel on the roof. Optionally, they can also mount an air conditioning system, something useful if you want to camp in very hot areas or the mini-caravan has been in the sun all day.

The price of this minicaravan starts at $ 14,495 for the basic version, the top-of-the-range version costs $ 19,995, although at the moment it is only available in the United States.


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