New York : This is the photo where they compare Angélica Rivera with Lucero

Angelica Rivera She has been kept away from the camera spot for a long time, however, that is not an impediment for them to always talk about her, either for her role as former first lady of Mexico, for their famous divorces or for their unsurpassed beauty.

On this occasion, the makeup artist Alfonso Whaithsman was the one who posted a photo with “Seagull” and the reactions were immediate, since many were those who compared her with the singer bright Star.

“It looks like Lucero”, “How beautiful you look, Lucero !!!”, “It looks very different. It looks like Lucero ” and they even wrote that “The divorce suited him very well “.

It is not known for sure if the famous makeup artist used a lot of filter in this photograph, but what is undeniable is that Angelica Rivera It looks spectacular and all the fans of it have noticed.