New York : This is what Selena Gómez said about her namesake Selena Quintanilla’s series

New York :

Selena Gomez had already expressed on countless occasions the admiration he feels for the music and the artistic contribution of the ill-fated Selena quintanilla, the most popular vocalist of her generation when it comes to Latin music, to the point of being nicknamed the ‘Tejano Madonna’. The successful artist died in 1995, aged only 23, when she was shot to death by the former president of her fan club.

However, on this occasion the former Disney star has not only limited herself to claiming her remarkable legacy and her inspiring character for all the Hispanic artists who succeeded her, such as Jennifer López -who gave life to the deceased interpreter in a 1997 biopic- , Salma Hayek and herself, but has also openly recommended to her followers the new Netflix series that delves into her figure, which underlines her musical and cultural impact and, unfortunately, also addresses her tragic and early death.

I’m hooked on the Netflix series ‘Selena’. She’s so goodShe is a great source of inspiration. In fact, I am named after her, is incredible“, Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend wrote on his Instagram account, just before revealing that, like millions of viewers around the world, she has also fallen for the charms of the popular television fiction ‘Lady’s Gambit’, the which is broadcast on the same platform.

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