New York : Tigers fans are fed up with Carlos Salcedo and ask him to leave

The best thermometer to measure the discontent of the fans after a football match is social networks, because through different platforms they praise or criticize the performance of a footballer, and after the 1-1 draw between Tigers and Pachuca, they went to the jugular to the defense of the felines Carlos Salcedo.

The Mexican soccer player lost the mark of Ismael Sosa in the goal with which the Tuzos They equaled the score, just at minute 85 of running time. After a rejection by Nahuel Guzmán, after the shot by Felipe Pardo, the “Titan” remained as a statue, only observing how they tied their team, and for that reason the fans did not forgive him.

In Twitter, Salcedo’s name became a trend, because even before he joined, Tigres won 1-0 and it only took two minutes for him to make the mistake that cost him to lose the advantage.

It is clear that since his return to Mexican soccer with Tigres, the “Titan” lowered his soccer level, so much so that he has not even been able to consolidate himself as a starter, despite his 26 years of age, because before him, Ricardo Ferretti consider other older footballers as Hugo Ayala, Jesús Dueñas and Francisco Meza.

With the tie, Tigers reached 4 points, while Pachuca added its first unit in the Guard1anes 2020.