New York : Toni Costa ventilates her wish that Adamari López is pregnant, thanks to an infection?

New York :

For no one is a secret everything that cost the driver of A new day, Adamari Lopez, get pregnant with the beautiful Alaïa Costa, The product in part of the intense chemotherapy treatments he underwent when, fortunately, he fought a terrible cancer.

She has let know a lot with her husband Toni Costa and the beautiful Alaïa about her desire to become parents again and she a little sister. However, it is something that has not happened but the Toni said it would be great news for the whole family.

Through a recent story he posted on his account Instagram, the Spanish dancer announced that he had a stye, which is nothing more than a small infection in the eye. He claimed that the last time he had one, Adamari I was pregnant with Alaïa. “Hopefully, it doesn’t mean yes, but hopefully, God willing, bless him.” He also clarified that it does not mean that he is, but that if the premonition and the coincidence are fulfilled, it would make him very happy.

We would have to see if the driver of Telemundo it says whether it is true or not. But what is very certain is the happiness that her husband feels when talking about having another child. Without a doubt, this is one of the most loved and admired families of the show and that was made clear through the hundreds of comments they received just thinking that it could be true.

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