New York : Trash Piles Up: $ 106 Million Taken Away From NYC’s Urban Cleaning Budget While Restaurants Serve On The Streets

Trash and restaurant tables share the streets

Photo: Andrés Correa Guatarasma / Courtesy

No surprise, the trash has piled up across New York City less than a month after the Department of Health (DSNY) budget was cut by $ 106 million.

More waste is accumulating in buildings and especially on the streets, with the risk of increasing rodents and bad smells with the high summer temperatures. Ironically this happens when the government has required restaurants to operate on the streets as the only option in times of coronavirus.

“It is outrageous. Many rats come in, many mice, roaches. They have to do something about it, “complained Héctor Vásquez, a resident of Harlem,

The other night two were seen raccoons feasting in an overflowing container outside a playground in Hamilton Heights, Upper Manhattan, CBS2 reported.

“In the city right now, and especially in New York, we’re being hailed for doing so well with the public health and all these things, but (…) you have garbage everywhere. (That) is also a public health problem, ”said neighbor Adam Goldenberg.

In June, the city cut $ 106 million from the DSNY budget, reducing collection in public landfills by 60%.

“We have far fewer resources than in the previous fiscal year,” said Commissioner Kathryn Garcia.

He stated that the pickup service on the sidewalk has remained the same, but people leave more trash than normal. “Our trucks are filling up very fast as we go down the road in some neighborhoods because people are at home”Due to confinement.