New York : Tremendous: Mexicana Universal contestant accuses partner of shoplifting

New York :

The scandals between beauty queens do not stop.

Itzel Hernandez, participant of the beauty pageant Universal Mexican, reported that his bag from a famous brand, along with several belongings, was allegedly stolen by his partner Grisell Osuna during one of the rallies.

Hernández explained that, some time after the disappearance, his colleague published an image on networks where the stolen accessory allegedly appears.

Therefore, it decided to request evidence from Osuna about the ownership of the object, which, it considered, does not prove that it is the owner.

“This happened on August 8 of this year. It was at the state concentration of the Mexicana Universal Baja California beauty pageant. That day at the event my bag disappeared and I no longer knew about it. Until a few days ago when she raised a bag, the truth may have been a coincidence, but it was a huge coincidence; one in a million”, Hernández said, as seen in a video circulating on the Chamonic profile.

“I didn’t suspect absolutely anyone. I knew that someone from there had to have taken it because no one else entered, but it did not have the malice of having someone in my mind ”.

In turn, Grisell regretted what happened and considered it unfair to have to prove the ownership of his belongings on the whim of another person.

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