New York : Trump advances with his new party and will challenge 70 Republicans

New York :

Trump advances with his new party and will challenge 70 Republicans

Former President Trump resides in Florida.

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The ex-president Donald trump he is far from giving up his political battle.

Several reports indicate that the former president is advancing with his plans to create the “Patriot Party” with two objectives: to pressure Republicans who endorse the impeachment against him and plan your next steps in the next election.

Trump builds a list of Republicans whom he would challenge with his loyalists, reported The Washington Post.

The ex-president’s operation is organized from Mar-a-Lago, where he has resided since he left the White House, but officially he has not wanted to advance his plans.

“We will do something, but not yet”, he told a journalist.

The list includes the representative Liz cheney (Wyoming), the highest ranking Republican to vote in favor of the impeachment process; in addition to Tom rice (South Carolina); Brian Kemp (Georgia); Lisa murkowski (Alaska), who has indicated that it is open to vote to condemn Trump.

“Trump is already drafting a list of enemies of the Republicans who opposed his unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud, instructing aid to prepare primary challenges against them.”, published the Post with reports from various sources.

The plan is so advanced that next week surveys will begin to profile the possible candidates of the former president.

Money wouldn’t be a big deal, since Trump has more than $ 70 million campaign dollars availablesources said.

The money is part of the $ 207 million dollars raised between November 3 and 23, when MAGA groups requested funds to defend allegations of electoral fraud.

On January 31, the exact amount available to the former president for his plans could be revealed.

Trump’s greatest enemy in the Senate is the minority leader, Mitch McConnell (Kentucky), who made it clear that the former president incited his followers to act with violence on Capitol Hill.

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