New York : Trump sympathizer who committed suicide after being arrested for robbery on Capitol Hill was not known for being “political”

New York :

Christopher Stanton Georgia, one of the pro-Trump supporters arrested for the robbery on the Capitol last week who committed suicide in his home in Georgia, worked in the banking sector and was not known publicly for his political positions.

Stanton Georgia, 53, committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest last Saturday after he was arrested days before in Washington for violently breaking into the federal Congress as part of the mobilization in support of the outgoing president.

The man faced charges of trespassing on public property and had pleaded not guilty to the misdemeanor during a hearing on January 7.

However, some of those who knew the accused do not remember him as an aggressive or violent person; also not inclined to politics.

“He was a loving father”

Jace Carreras, a neighbor of the suicide bomber, told The Sun: “He was a loving father. I never heard him speak ill of anyone. He always had a smile and loved to cut the grass in the yard. “

The former mother-in-law of Stanton Georgia said for her part to the same publication: “He was not a politician at all that I remember, but those were not political times, times have changed.”

However, the man would not have ended up on good terms with his ex-wife, as the ex-mother-in-law said she was “glad” she hadn’t seen him again after her daughter left him.

“After a year or even less the marriage was annulled and we never saw it again,” said the interviewee.

“It shocks me that my daughter can see that she made a big mistake,” added the female.

“We did not think that he was the right person to marry her, he had just left college and I thought he was a very bad influence for her,” said the woman without giving further details.

Experience in banking and financial services jobs

According to the LinkedIn page, Stanton Georgia He worked for more than three years as a regional portfolio manager for BB&T in Atlanta.

Before that, he worked as an investment banker for two years at Carter, Terry and Co. in Atlanta. Previously, he was a regional investment executive for 11 years at US Trust; He also worked in other financial services companies.

The man had a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Georgia State University.

In the violent demonstrations on Capitol Hill, five people died as a result of clashes with authorities and at least a score were arrested and face federal charges.

There was blood everywhere

Stanton Georgia was found dead by his wife in the basement of the house they shared and alerted 911.

The woman allegedly said in the call to the emergency system that there was blood everywhere.

Upon arriving on the scene, Alpharetta police officers seized two SKS semi-automatic rifles.

It is not clear what led the man to shoot himself in the chest, so the case remains under investigation.

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