New York : Vanessa Bryant infuriated with famous rapper for song in which she talks about Kobe’s accident

New York :

Vanessa Bryant infuriated with famous rapper for song in which she talks about Kobe's accident

Vanessa Bryant.

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The American rapper Meek Mill is in the eye of the hurricane for his controversial song about Kobe bryant, “Don’t Worry (RIP Kobe)”, which in Spanish means “Don’t worry, rest in peace, Kobe.”

A letter that, far from being a tribute, has outraged social networks for a specific phrase that frivolizes with the fatal accident of the former star of the NBA.

“‘And if I ever lack I’m going out with my chopper, it be another Kobe,’ which could be translated as: ‘And if I ever lack, I’ll go out with my helicopter, it’ll be another Kobe,'” says one of the rhymes.

Words that have not gone unnoticed at all for Vanessa bryant, who through his social networks expressed his discomfort about the rapper’s composition and that he has described as “extremely disrespectful and inconsiderate.”

“I don’t know anything about your music, but I think you can do better than this,” wrote Vanessa on Instagram stories.

She added, “If you’re a fan, that’s fine, there’s a better way to show your admiration for my husband. This lacks respect and tact ”.

After this pronunciation from Kobe’s widow, Meek made it known on twitter that he offered his apologies:

“I apologized to her in private today, not in public,” he tweeted.

All the events surrounding the death of one of the most beloved basketball players in history have been treated with delicacy, as Vanessa has always asked for respect for the privacy of her family who, in the same accident, lost her Gianna, one of the daughters he had with Kobe.

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