New York : VIDEO: “I am Mencho, my war is against …” thus begins the fearsome threat of the CJNG

“The only thing I take care of is that they do not hinder me when I go to fight,” says the hooded subject.

VIDEO: “I am Mencho, my war is against …” thus begins the fearsome threat of the CJNG

Photo: Video capture The voice of the People / Courtesy

A new message from Elite Group of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) was broadcast on social networks, where a man appears reading a message on behalf of the drug dealer Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes aka the Mencho, he Lord of the Roosters or he Cockfighting enthusiast.

In it they launch a message against Juan José Farías Álvarezalias Grandfather Farías, leader of the self-defense groups of the municipality of Tepalcatepec, a man who became famous “famous” in the world of drug trafficking then in the last days of August 2019 with a video recorded with drone and a drug ballad the group that is in charge with the support of the United Cartels, showed how the Jalisco New Generation Cartel suffered a defeat after a confrontation.

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“Town of Tepalcatepec, I am Mencho I want to clarify that my war is against the Grandfather, the Tilí, Moy Farra, Chelo Pólvatas, the people who raise a gun from my people, I ask all innocent people not to leave their houses, we do not want to affect you, you know well, that I like to support the people, I always see for their well-being, ”says the subject.

“I reiterate I am Mencho, go out to fight Grandfather, son of your motherfucker, you common stream, don’t kick people out! Get ahead of them who don’t know how to lift a rifle and you national guard of Tepalcatepec, from the payroll that gives them the Grandfather, I give them double and without the need to send them to fight, as the Grandfather, the only thing that I occupy is that they do not hinder me when I go to fight my people ”, warns the man surrounded by several heavily armed types.

And is that in recent weeks there have been several clashes between Cartels United and the CJNG which has left as a balance an undetermined number of deaths, vehicles and even burning houses.

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