New York : VIDEO: Protester was shot in the head by the LAPD despite raising his hands

The incident that occurred on May 30 in Los Angeles is investigated by the Police

Los Angeles Police released Friday videos recorded with body cameras of their officers in which the moment in which a protester was wounded is observed last May 30 in the Fairfax district, in Los Angeles.

The protester, identified as CJ Montano, 24, appears in the middle of Beverly Boulevard, near the CBS studios. raising arms and backing up a bit before falling after being shot by “non-lethal” projectiles (rubber bullets) from the Police.

In the same video, LAPD spokesmen say the shooting was “unintentional” and that the case is still under investigation.

Montano, a former Marine and music student, was hospitalized a few days after receiving the impacts. According to a Los Angeles Times report, suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and is still in recovery.

In a interview with ABC7 On June 2, Montano said he was hit in the abdomen, chest and face, and that he was bleeding heavily because he was under the influence of blood thinners.

He also admitted that some protesters threw objects at the police, but that he was only trying to help calm the situation.