New York : What a cup of parsley tea can do for your health

New York :

Today the current health trend Y nutrition, focuses on the consumption of foods that shine for their medicinal potential. That is why all kinds of Natural medicine that are associated with great therapeutic properties, such is the case of the famous parsley tea.

In recent months everyone has talked about health benefits of the drinking parsley tea, in such a way that the simple fact of soak fresh parsley in a cup of hot water is a magnificent eating habit, which provides a long list of antioxidants and nutrients essential for health. Best of all, it is a very easy drink to prepare, accessible Y delicious, without a doubt it is a extraordinary addition which is part of the best morning remedies nowadays.

Between the great nutritional qualities of the parsley tea, especially draws attention to your high in antioxidants which are key to fight free radicals, fight the effects of oxidative stress and the appearance of numerous chronic diseases, in a particular way cancer. After reading this, parsley will no longer be a simple seasoning or garnish and take advantage of it in infusion will become unique way to optimize your numerous nutrients Y vitamins.

What happens in the body when drinking parsley tea:

1. Better blood sugar control

Between the most popular healing uses related to the consumption of parsley, are its benefits as a powerful remedy that naturally has the ability to regulate blood glucose levels. In fact it has a relevant study which was published in PubMed, in which the antidiabetic properties related to parsley tea intake and positive effects were also found for improve liver health which is directly related to the insulin production.

2. Increase in immunity

Whenever we want strengthen the immune system, among the main nutritional recommendations is to optimize the consumption of vitamin C Y Vitamin A. The good news is that parsley tea stands out for its extraordinary content of these two vitamins, which are considered essential for rebuild the immune system. In such a way that lto vitamin C, will be in charge of promoting the production of white blood cells, acts as a powerful antioxidant and it is key to combat the impact of free radicals in the body; In addition, the role of vitamin C is essential to protect us from chronic diseases. On the other hand vitamin C is a key component in the collagen creation, which is a type of protein that keeps the skin, hair, bones, joints, tendons, muscles and other parts of the body strong and healthy. Last but not least, parsley is very rich in chlorophyll, which is associated with properties antibacterial and antifungal, which are a extra boost against the attack of viruses, diseases autoimmune and chronic inflammatory diseases.

3. Extraordinary natural detox

The parsley tea shines for its detoxifying properties, which are of great help to purify the body and free it from toxins, wastes, salts, fats Y retained liquids. At the same time their diuretic benefits, are associated with benefits to promote urination, in such a way that they are of great help to detoxify the bladder and kidneys. That is why the intake of parsley infusion, is considered a great remedy to reduce the risk of suffering bladder infections and in particular it is a good ally for reduce inflammation of the glands and treat the prostate conditions. In such a way that your recurring consumption is a great ally for reduces stress on the kidneysand by eliminating everything that the body does not need, it is of great support in the weightloss. Also its properties as a detox tea, work wonderfully for cleanse the liver and keep it healthy.

4. Good ally to regulate menstruation

Among the most popular uses of the parsley tea are their female health benefits, specifically is a great natural remedy to relieve symptoms of the menstruation and it’s a magnificent hormonal regulator. These benefits are related to its content in two substances highly medicinal: myristicin Y apiol, is about two compounds that have the ability to regulate la la estrogen production Y balance hormone levels. Also, the apiol can rregulate the periods and decrease the severity of symptoms; por last, parsley tea It can be a emmenagogue, which is a substance that can help the menstrual flow.

5. Great benefits of folic acid

Between the large components containing parsley tea and that particularly attract attention for their healing properties, is your high content of folic acid. It is one of the essential B vitamins most important, key in the good development of pregnancy Y fetus health. At once folic acid is the key to maintaining healthy blood vessels, on the other hand folic acid neutralizes the effects of homocysteine ​​in the body, which is the compound that can damage blood vessels and negatively affect the good functioning of the cardiovascular system.

6. Good ally against respiratory diseases

The parsley infusion is a great natural remedy for people with certain respiratory conditions, How is the case asthma. Its benefits are related to its contained in beta carotenes and its expectorant properties that favor the removal of waste in the lungs. Its content in essential compounds and antioxidants may loosen phlegm and the mucus that could be covering his throat Y lungs. Another of his great genius in disease prevention, is related to benefits for neutralize the potential to develop congestion and bacterial infections.

7. Superb anti-inflammatory

The parsley tea is also highly valued for its great anti-inflammatory properties, therefore its consumption is of great help for reduce swelling and the arthritis pain. While it is a nutritional treasure that is considered a Inexhaustible source from vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants, parsley also contains an oil known as eugenol. In fact there are studies, in which the anti-arthritic and anti-inflammatory properties of this substance.

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