New York : What is the abundance check and how to fill it out

It is a prosperity ritual that must be performed on the New Moons of each month to receive its benefits. Find out how to do it step by step

Have you heard of abundance check? This concept was popularized thanks to the book ‘The secret‘written by Rhonda Byrne, which promotes the Law of attraction, but in reality it is a ritual that has been practiced for many years.

Checks are commercial documents to which a person, company or institution authorizes another to withdraw a certain amount of money, something very common in everyday life. The abundance check works in the same way, only that you do not receive physical money, but all goodness we want from the universe like success, health, prosperity and happiness.

This rite has become quite popular because it is very simple to perform and is believed to be an effective method for get abundanceIf we really want it and have faith. And it is part of the idea that, if we really want something, the universe conspires to fulfill it, we only need to express it in some way.

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How to write an abundance check

The format is practically the same as a common check and the best thing is that we can do it ourselves.

He first step is to write on a white sheet the sections that appear on a check: date, name and amount.

He second step is to write on the back all the requests we want such as paying debts, work, success, health, prosperity, etc.

He third step It is very important: in the part where the amount of money should go, you have to write phrases like ‘paid in full’, ‘debt paid’ or ‘infinite abundance’. In no way should you put a specific amount of money.

This ritual must be done within a period of 24 hours after the new moon of each month. When you finish writing the check, store it in a box that you occupy exclusively for that purpose. There you can deposit all the checks you make during the year, just remember that only one should be made per month on New Moon.

At the end of the year, you will have to burn all the checks you wrote and the ashes to bury them in your garden or, failing that, in a pot.

If you wish, you can pray this prayer, suggested by We Mystic, when filling out your check and depositing it in its respective box:

Oh, immeasurable divine entity, who governs the destiny of men. I want you to help me cash this check of the abundance that I present to you. I need health and money to be able to support my family.

That the economic deficiencies are corrected and my health problems end soon so I can go back to work as usual. I put all my energy into this check, because it is what I want the most. When the money begins to arrive at my home, I will be able to make my family happy.

Thank you for listening to my wishes, Father Universe, protector of all that exists. For all this money that I will receive and the health that I will regain. Thank you Universe for granting me everything I ask of you. Amen”.

The only thing left is to wait for the Universe fulfill our requests, so you must do the ritual with faith and hope so that your wishes are heard.

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