New York : What is the injury that marks a domestic violence alert?

New York :

There are specific physical signs that betray domestic violence and that, although they can be caused by something else, they are enough to put us on alert, according to the New York Post.

Knowing the injury that is a possible indicator of domestic violence will help the authorities to take action on the matter and protect the victim from it. abuse, as well as family and friends they may notice some signs.

Which fracture can indicate domestic violence?

Just over a third of women who have a outer elbow fracture they could be victims of domestic violence, this according to the conclusions of a study conducted by Dr. Bharti Khurana, who is director of emergency musculoskeletal radiology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.

According to their team of experts, the pattern of the fracture may correspond, among other things, to a situation where the patient could have put his arm to defend himself from an external aggression, possibly a blow from another person.

In this sense, the external fracture of the elbow could offer evidence of an episode of domestic abuse where the victim could have defended himself from his aggressor, although not without being seriously affected.

Although the external fracture of the elbow is an injury that can be generated by other causes, this investigation can help medical specialists to consider a possible case of domestic violence when examining this type of fracture.

Investigation details

The study was based on radiological tests of 62 women located in six hospitals in the United States. The age range was between 18 and 50 years, with 31 years being the average age of the group.

Domestic violence
An outer elbow fracture may indicate an assault by someone else. Source: Shutterstock

Of the 62 women, 1 dozen of them were confirmed victims of domestic abuse, while eight others were suspected of being as well, even when some of them claimed that the injuries were not deliberate.

The rest of the women in the study had been injured in different accidents, mainly car crashes or traffic accidents.

According to study co-author David Sing, the items the research team looked for when delving into the evidence were location of the fracture, the lesion pattern (how the breakup occurred) and the displacement of the fracture.

From all of this, the researchers found that the fracture did not move noticeably, but the bone involved did break in its entirety, representing a major obstacle for the victim of violence.

This research is developed in a context where cases of domestic violence have increased in some parts of the world, which has a direct relationship with the confinement measures applied to deal with Covid-19.

As a recommendation, it is noted that after identifying a lesion corresponding to the violence domesticWe have to report the situation to the competent authorities and avoid acting on our own so as not to make the situation more delicate than it already is.

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