New York : What side effects does the Splenda sweetener produce on our health?

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He splenda It has positive points that make it healthier than sugar, but this sweetener can also represent a risk factor in our diet if we do not take care of its consumption. You’ll see this in more detail below when we examine two of those side effects.


According to Nutrition Facts specialist Michael Greger, shortly after the Splenda was released, she was able to provoke migraine episodes in some susceptible individuals.

Following this, the manufacturer of sucralose, one of the components of Splenda, released a statement stating that the possible health risks associated with Splenda were less than the possible risk of an obesity epidemic in the United States.

Manufacturers commonly state that sucralose is almost never absorbed by the body, and that it often remains in the digestive tract for rapid elimination. However, it would affect the large intestine, affecting the intestinal flora.


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Speaking of obesity, there have been population studies that have indicated the consumption of artificial sweeteners with a increased chance of developing obesity, metabolic syndrome, and type 2 diabetes. These artificial sweeteners would be mainly those found in soft drinks.

On the other hand, Splenda may encourage insulin resistance Since there would be research that indicates that if you give an obese person the amount of sucralose in a diet soda, they would need 20% more insulin to cope with the spike in sugar they would experience.

As you can see, splenda is not a product that is exempt from possible complications for human health. Because of this, you should take care of your consumption so as not to be harmed in any way possible.