New York : What to do and what not to do to shovel snow without hurting yourself

New York :

We all enjoyed an afternoon of snow with children, family and friends. However, when it comes to remove it, could occur accidents leave some injury in the body.

Therefore, although it seems a simple task, the truth is that you have to know how to shovel snow to avoid injury or accidents.

What is the danger of shoveling snow

Snow removal is one of the activities that a high rate of accidents and injuries. Despite being a common task at the time of winter, according to a study published in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine, shoveling snow produces 11,500 hospital visits every year, as reported by Martha Stewart.

Another latent risk is the probability of suffering a heart attack. That is why it is important to know the risks, to take the measurements necessary and preventive and thus keep us insurance when collecting snow.

The question is: why do these types of accidents occur? Well, heart attacks happen because snow, being wet, is heavy, and requires a constant effort when he picks up and gets up.

I agree with you specialists, this mechanical work increases the tension in the heart. The risk is even higher when the person is not accustomed To make exercises.

On the other hand, low temperatures cause blood vessels to contract, raising the stress levels and thus the risk of some mishap in the heart. Other risks are muscle injuries and fractures.

Shoveling snow puts many people in the hospital each year. Source: Pixabay

Don’t let it build up

A key to avoid accidents is pick her up constantly, avoiding let the snow be accumulate. Although it may seem like a chore heavy, the truth is that when collecting snow with frequency, the weight is lightened.

This tip is especially useful when Snow storms. Thus, it will be less burden and less effort, and in this way we will avoid injuries.

Improve technique

In case we have to lift a large amount of snow, the specialists suggest that, instead of lifting it, the best thing is push her with the shovel.

In this way, there will be Less pressure in the heart while we shovel the snow. Now in case we have to lift the shovel, necessary protect the back, and for this we must bend your knees While we collect the snow

Then, when lifting the shovel, you have to raise your knees. On the other hand, we must rest every so often and use the suitable tools to do it quickly and without so many complications.

Hire an expert

If we can’t collect snow due to health problems, or because we suffer from some disability, in order not to expose ourselves, the most sensible thing is contract to a person who can do it for us.

Another option is to ask help to relatives, neighbors or friends, it is better to prevent to regret an accident caused by doing this activity.

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