New York : What You Never Knew About Weight Loss Teas

For years people have tried all kinds of diets and remedies for lose weight. Within all this theme the detox teas have taken a very relevant place in the slimming trends, especially since they are considered a good complement for eliminate toxins, which deteriorate health in different aspects.

The truth is that for many years, detox teas have been considered a very popular practice and in fact in the last months the popularity in the consumption of this type of teas has increased considerably. To such a degree that today we have all kinds of plans and varieties, as is the case with the famous method Master Cleanse.

As with some Dietary supplements, the ingredients in detox teas are not regulated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Based on this, it has recently been discovered that some commercial teas and others weight loss products, which are advertised as “Detoxifiers” contain dangerous drugs and chemicals that are not advertised on the packaging.

It is very important to clarify that there are some detox teas that are made with natural ingredients, such as tea leaves and medicinal herbs. While others may contain toxic substances and even some medications.

Do they help you lose weight?

When talking about natural variants of teas are automatically considered one of the most consumed beverages in the world and are also valued for their therapeutic properties, that return them extremely healthy. In fact it has various scientific references that support the curative benefits of consuming Green Tea, in principle for its immense antioxidant potential that gives it qualities to protect heart health, improves digestive and intestinal function, regulate sugar and cholesterol levels, enhances cognitive functioning and is of course considered a great ally to enhance the weightloss.At the same time Green Tea is characterized by its chemical content, as is the case with the catechins and that are related to properties for increase fat burning.

While the references that endorse the benefits of green tea consumption for health are numerous, in the case of detox teas there are no clinical studies to show that they are a good weight loss tool. Most of the commercial options integrate as part of their indications, diet and exercise specifications, which complement the cleansing or detoxing period which usually lasts a week. In fact in some cases they recommend eating very little and according to the opinion of physicians and nutritionists, excessively decrease caloric intake it will never be a safe way to lose weight.

The truth is that eat healthy or very little, together with recurring and high-performance exercise, is a combo that most likely lead to weight loss. In a nutshell it is suggested that lose weight while consuming detox teas, it may not be the result of the tea, but of thecalorie restriction Y increased energy burning.

Another important point to consider is that often detox teas they contain high levels of caffeine, which is also found naturally in most teas and this confers diuretic properties. What happens with these types of diuretic drinks is that they make the body expels water through urine and stools; which means that it is very likely that they only promote the loss of “Weight of water.” They are also associated with a laxative effect, that accelerates the intestinal transit and gives the abdomen a momentary thinner and flatter appearance, however it has been proven that do not cause real or lasting fat loss and in fact they can cause dehydration.

Possible side effects of detox teas:

Upset stomach, such as cramps, bloating, abdominal pain, and gas.
Electrolyte imbalance.
Alterations in sleep and mood.
Extreme fatigue
Tachycardia and anxiety.

As a conclusion we can say that the consumption of commercial detox teas, it does not count with medical or scientific references that endorse its benefits. In such a way that it will always be important read product labels well and opt for the organic versions, there are wonderful alternatives from natural sources that are not related to side effects or alterations in health. Remember to always consult your doctor.