New York : Why Costco Prices Vary From Branch To Branch

New York :

Why Costco Prices Vary From Branch To Branch

Competitive prices are an important factor in a Costco location lowering its prices.

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If you only go to one Costco store, you might think you are getting the lowest price. However, some shoppers have realized that not all items are priced the same in all stores in this chain, and it is that this can vary from a few cents to whole dollars.

The reason for this is that sometimes a store lowers the price of some commodities to match or lower the price of a competitor that is in the same area.

For example, if Costco normally sells oranges for $ 9.99, but one of the branches is on the same street as a Sam’s Club that is doing an auction of these fruits, that Costco branch will surely lower prices even more, as reported in Mashed. .

Likewise, the inventory on hand and the suppliers that change the prices of their items in certain areas they also contribute to price variations between Costco stores.

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