New York : Why does Azealia Banks keep a six-year-old girl’s skull at home?

New York :

Why does Azealia Banks keep a six-year-old girl's skull at home?

Azealia Banks.

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The controversial rapper Azealia Banks He has always been fascinated by everything related to osteology, taxidermy and the afterlife. Although for some it may be a somewhat strange hobby, not to say creepy, she does not see what is strange about it, for example, that she recently made the decision to dig up your old cat to boil its bones and to be able to keep them because basically it is the same thing that is done in medical schools with the skeletons that students use.

Some time ago the artist also bought a human skull on the internet that belonged to a 6-year-old girl and which has become one of her most prized possessions.

He died of a head injury. I love bones and I respect the idea of ​​life after death very much“, Azealia has assured in an interview with the radio program ‘The Kyle and Jackie O Show’.

Curiously, when she lost her pet, Azealia did not consider dissecting it at any time because she was scared of placing it somewhere in her house, but she did not want its remains to end up in a mass grave after it was euthanized, so she finally chose for letting him die in peace at home and bury him herself.

I think bones are where a person’s energy accumulates, and with my cat, I had to make a decision“He explained about the reasons that led him to exhume him after three months.

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His plans now go through using the feline’s jaw to coat it with titanium and make earrings. Of course, he has made it clear that he did not eat the remains of the animal, as the bad tongues claimed at the time.

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