New York : Why is the Mayo Clinic diet considered one of the best of 2021?

New York :

As is tradition with the start of a new year, we all want lose weight and be healthier. That is why year after year they come to light trends and dietary guidelines What do the top and faster results, However not all that glitters is gold And it is better investigate and opt for those plans backed by science that first of all protect our health.

Like all years USNews and World Report has published its classification on best diets, although recently much has been said about the benefits of the first place for the fourth consecutive year: Mediterranean diet. It’s time to talk about second place Mayo Clinic diet, named after the second best paid diet of 2021 and one of the five best diets of the new year. Their new classification may come as a surprise to some, since the diet lacks a regulation too strict; especially for those who are considering following the most popular trends currently and tend to delete groups whole foods. Conversely, the Mayo Clinic diet focuses on food pyramid characteristic of the medical center, emphasizing the traditional dietary guidelines in a new and less restrictive way.

The foundations of Mayo Clinic diet try to restructure any eating habit questionable and promote doubling the intake of healthy staples, with predominance in the categories of fruits vegetables and whole grains. They also emphasize the importance of the intake of protein-loaded cuts and in a very controlled and occasional way, desserts. In such a way that we could say that it is a guideline that by promoting greater consumption of these foods, provides the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber what the body needs to function correctly and so lose weight long term.

The diet of Mayo Clinic promises immediate results in the first two weeks of the program: between 5 and 10 pounds of weight lost. However according to experts, the real appeal of the diet is his design, beyond the fast and balanced weight loss that it promotes. The first phase this plan promotes weight loss of 10 pounds per week, later in the second phase 2 pounds per week, until you have reached your goal in mind. Much of what makes it interesting is that in a way it can be continued for as long as necessary, which eventually leads to a change in lifestyle and it is a great ally to say goodbye to unhealthy habits.

What are the most relevant aspects of this diet?

Without a doubt one of the factors that attract the most attention of the Mayo Clinic diet, is that does not completely eliminate any food group. Which for some is difficult to understand especially when we talk about bread and sugarsHowever, it requires that caloric intake be reduced: 1200 for women and 1400 for men after the first two weeks.

The truth is various nutritionists agree that for many people, this calorie restriction pIt may be more difficult than eliminate food groups as in other diets. We are not all the same, so 1200 calories It can be a correct number and manageable for many people, and too restrictive for others.

You probably wonder how to access the diet, the first thing you have to know is that although their website contains numerous guidelines, diet tips and healthy recipes to reach. However the diet was initially based on a book which was republished in 2017. While the more essential guidelines and tipss are printed in the Mayo Clinic Diet book (along with a select number of menu plans and recipes), dieters can access all of that information and more resources through the Mayo Clinic Diet website online.

In such a way that whichever path is chosen, it begins with a first phase that it’s called “Lose It!”. It is said that the start of any diet is the most important part, in this case the plan promotes learn to adapt 15 key dietary tips and tricks in the daily routine. Which are mainly based on add more green, healthy staples. Another fundamental point is to work on reduce frequency with which all kinds of processed foods are consumed such as refined meats, pastries, desserts and grains, the interesting thing is that it is not about giving them up completely. Also another relevant aspect of this section is to look for alternatives to change saturated fat intake, by sources of healthy fats in form of staple foods Like the avocados, olive oil, nuts, seeds, and fatty fish.

It also promotes reconsider the excessive intake of dairy products, try to eat a nutritious breakfast (rich in protein) and reduce the frequency with which it is requested takeaway. The diet also encourages its followers to keep a food diary and activities for document your progress and reactions. A key aspect of “Lose It!” is to make sure you meet at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day, if possible 1 hour better.

The first phase of the diet can result in more than 10 pounds of weight loss because of all the dietary changes that take place during first two weeks. But What happens in the second phase? known as Live It! It focuses on to adapt the rules of the diet to every lifestyle, while set a calorie limit in the daily meals to continue promoting weight loss, which can be up to 2 pounds each week.

Now it is never advisable consume less than 1200 calories per day, as it is associated with a low intake of essential nutrients and the body will not have the energy necessary to maintain the basic biological functions and a healthy metabolism. Therefore “Live It” is the phase designed to reduce more than 1,000 calories per day, is based on continuing gradual weight loss, as there is still a caloric deficit.

Without a doubt one more trend than worth considering especially because it has scientific and medical support, it is also a balanced plan that promotes long-term change in our habits and customs. Which in the long run is the only way to live in well-being, harmony and prevent diseases.

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