New York : Why Pear Can Help You Lose Weight

New York :

We all know that ensuring a optimal fruit consumption, is one of the most important measures to ensure good health at all levels. Today we know that diet is the most powerful tool to maintain a strong immune system and prevent diseases, it is essential in weight loss.

The good news is that nature is so generous that it puts within our reach fresh and succulent seasonal fruits. It is true that there are some variants that are much more consumed than others, such as the undeniable popularity of apples; However, there are some alternatives that we usually go unnoticed, such as the pears.

The first thing we can say is that the pear, is a native fruit of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, which for many years was highly valued in Greece and Rome. The truth is that the pear is a valuable addition to the diet, it is characterized by its great juiciness that makes it extremely refreshing and useful for quenching thirst. In fact, in many places it is a good resource to deal with the heat, especially when it is consumed liquefied.

The truth is that just one pear symbolizes an exceptional source of nutrients. To begin with it is a fruit very low in fat and proteinHowever, it is a good source of energy thanks to its carbohydrate content (10.6%). These are in the form of simple sugars, mainly fructose, therefore it is well tolerated by diabetic people.

In fact according to the book ‘Healing Foods’ from DK Publishing House, the pear is a fresh fruit, stimulating, little allergic and an excellent source of water soluble fiber. It also contains good amounts of beta-carotene and B vitamins, and minerals like phosphorus, potassium, and other essential elements. Contains vitamin C, vitamin E, provitamin A, and folic acid.

The truth is that thanks to its peculiar composition, the pear is associated with great therapeutic virtues. It is recognized as a diuretic, uricolithic (dissolves uric acid), cleansing, laxative, remineralizing, digestive, astringent and sedative food. Specifically, it has positioned itself as a good remedy for cases of rheumatism, gout, arthritis, stress, anemia, diarrhea, obesity and high blood pressure.

While all these benefits are worth mentioning, in recent months various nutrition trends and guidelines focused on weight loss, strongly recommend Pear intake to accelerate weight loss. Discover the powerful reasons.

How do pears help you lose weight?

1. They provide a lot of fiber

In recent months, all the trends focused on weight loss agree that fiber intake it is a fundamental aspect. According to data released by lto the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, who have developed a guide with the parameters of adequate fiber intake. Recommend that the men under 50 years of age consume 30.8 to 33.6 grams per day, depending on age. And in the case of women Under 50 years, the recommended intake is 25.2 to 28 grams per day, depending on age. For older adults 50 years. Now, the general recommendation is 28 grams per day for men and 22.4 grams per day for women. One of the easiest alternatives to achieve a higher fiber intake is Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables. For more context: according to data released by the USDA a medium-sized pear provides 6 grams of fiber, which is about 24% of the recommended daily intake for women under 50 years of age. Another remarkable aspect is that pears contain a soluble fiber called pectin, which nourishes gut bacteria and improves gut health. This aspect not only promotes healthy bowel function, increases the feeling of fullness and helps us eat less. Greater fullness after meals can help you lose weight, it is key to avoiding anxiety about eating. In fact, according to A study was associated with a increased fiber intake with greater weight loss in the case of people with obesity. Last but not least, there is a review of human studies, in which it was found that dietary fiber may play a role in regulating the immune system and inflammation. Therefore its consumption can reduce the risk of diseases related to the inflammation, as with obesity.

2. They are low in calories

One of the great genius of the pear is that it is considered one of the lower calorie fruits. Which in combination with its fiber content, makes it the perfect ally to lose weight and combat excessive appetite. This juicy and crunchy fruit provides only 101 calories in a medium piece, which makes it a staple in any diet plan based on weight loss.

3. They have a high water content

Integrate the consumption of foods that stand out for their high water content, is key to good health and also to ensure weight loss. Pears have the virtue of being very rich in nutrients, antioxidants, fiber and water, it is estimated that are made up of approximately one 84% water. This aspect is of great help to lose weight very quickly, since they are very satisfying and at the same time low in calories. Everything you need from a food to lose weight!

4. Promotes good digestion

For many reasons, the pear is a great fruit for weight loss and one of the main ones is its digestive properties. In principle it is very easy and fast digestion, especially when it is tender and mature. Cooked is a good alternative for those with a delicate digestive system. at the same time as we mentioned in the first point, las pears are one excellent source of soluble and insoluble fiber, which are essential for digestive health. These fibers help maintain bowel regularity when softening and increase the volume of the stool, it is the perfect addition to combat constipation and promote purification of the body. In addition, soluble fibers feed healthy bacteria from the intestine, act as a kind of prebiotic that promotes good intestinal health, accelerates weight loss and strengthens the immune system.

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