New York : Why the “Byrd Rule” is so Important in Passing the Third Stimulus Check

New York :

Why the

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki.

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To ensure approval of the third economic stimulus package, the Democrats decided to apply the Budget Reconciliation, in order to endorse the plan with a simple majority, but the process is complex and must follow the guidelines of the “Byrd rule”.

It will be in the Senate where the Democrats led by Chuck schumer (New York) will review the $ 1.9 billion project promoted by the president Joe biden.

In the Budget Committee, chaired by Bernie sanders (Vermont), you must ensure that the proposal adheres to the aforementioned rule, which was named after the senator Robert Byrd.

It is now known as the “Byrd rule,” corresponding to Section 313 of the Congressional Budget Act, which was first adopted in the mid-1980s.

Its objective is to “clean” a specific budget projectSince the plans under the Reconciliation guidelines are “accelerated”, but they limit their application, so as not to approve a proposal “not related to expenses or taxes”, it even limits Congress to guaranteeing funds that affect the country’s finances.

There are some keys, which according to the House Budget Committee, specifies that the “Byrd rule” should be considered.

  • Actions without budgetary effect
  • Laws that compound the deficit when a committee has not reached its conciliation goal
  • Plans outside the jurisdiction of a committee that presented the title or provision
  • Measures that produce a budgetary effect merely incidental to the change in non-budgetary policy
  • Projects that increase deficits for the fiscal year to which the reconciliation corresponds, in this case 2021
  • Modifications in the Social Security system

Salary increase

The suggestion of raising the salary to $ 15 has ignited red flags in Congress, something that Republicans have used to criticize the proposal.

Senators Sanders and Schumer said they are working to prevent this proposal and other guidelines from violating the “Byrd rule.”

The White House spokeswoman, Jen psaki, even acknowledged that senators must pass the stimulus bill through the aforementioned sieve, after it was questioned whether President Biden would accept a salary increase of $ 11 dollars, as suggested by the Democrat. Joe manchin (Virginia).

“Well, the president proposed $ 15, because he feels that it is right for the American worker,” Psaki said. “There will be a process that will make its way through the Senate. We don’t even know where it’s going to end up, except when it makes its way through the ‘Byrd bathroom’ (sic) ”.

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