New York : With a tiny black bikini, Jailyne Ojeda shows off her charms from the front and the back

New York :

Everytime that Jailyne ojeda makes its appearance on social networks those who have the pleasure of observing it are paralyzed. It is impossible not to pay attention to the prominent measures that the Mexican has.

A few days ago, the model wanted to delight the pupil of her almost 13 million Instagram followers with four postcards where she can be seen on a beach showing off her charms in front and behind, with a tiny black bikini that could barely cover her breasts and hips.

In the images that add up to half a million ‘likes’, the curvy woman took the opportunity to share an extensive message to her detractors.

“You hate me yet you can’t stop talking about me.

You speak negatively on me yet you’ve never met me.

You feel powerful behind a screen but you would never approach me in person.

You troll on me on social media but ask me for a pic and act like a fan in person.

You criticize my lifestyle but dream of having it.

You criticize my body but would kill to have it.

You can’t find something bad to say about me so you make things up.

And while you waste your time doing all this I keep leveling up because I focus on myself and my goals. Successful people don’t have time to hate or focus on others. Keep that in mind ♥ ️😉 ”, assured the young woman.

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