New York : With an infamous tanguita, Marjorie de Sousa pokes her butt in the water and heats Instagram

New York :

It is the incredible beauty and sensuality that it possesses Marjorie de Sousa the one that transforms her into the fantasy of many on social networks, where she boasts her beautiful figure; And this time it was her shapely rear that she revealed in her most daring Instagram postcard, which brought her into the spotlight.

He showed that at 40 he has a lot to teach, because with a tremendous pose, it was not exactly his bikini that he wanted them to turn to see, but rather he delighted the gaze of his fans by showing all his little thong in the water of the pool, which he left part of her butt in the air.

It is no surprise that the image has already earned more than 125 thousand likes and compliments of which it always owns: “Rest assured that I will pause to look at you”, “You are the most beautiful person in the universe”, “You are art my queen “,” What a beautiful body.

Undoubtedly, the actress knows her audience very well, since she knows how and when to pamper them in this way; It would be a waste if she did not show off a tremendous body of which she is a creditor and that she has managed to preserve perfectly.

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