New York : With sensual lingerie, Lis Vega highlights her shapely legs and hips

New York :

The Instagram of Lis Vega It generates all kinds of reactions, and it is not for less, because with dresses, sexy underwear and bikinis, it becomes one of the favorites of this social network, as it recently demonstrated.

A few hours ago, the urban poet uploaded a photograph where she appears posing with sensual black lingerie that highlighted her shapely legs and hips.

“Because it’s never too late and time only runs out when life ends. And until that moment, there is always a possibility for everything you propose on your earthly path. Success is the sum of great efforts that are repeated every day, from love, perseverance, discipline and passion for your life ”, is the text that accompanies the image.

Previously, the Cuban woman impressed by showing the impressive tattoo that her rear guard has, sheathed with a tiny black thong.

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