New York : Woman who gouged out her eyes while high receives new prostheses

Two years ago, a woman from South Carolina took out his eyes being high on methamphetamine. Now she is recovered, healthier and happier, with a new pair of prosthetic eyes.

On February 6, 2018, Kaylee muthart He gouged out his eyes while under the influence of crystal methamphetamine. It all happened while a spectator, completely horrified, tried to brake, but could not avoid the incident.

She was soon rushed to the hospital, yet there was nothing the doctors could do to save her eyes at the time. They told him I would be blind for life.

Despite what happened, or perhaps as a result of it, Kaylee has stayed off drugs for the next two years.

She is healthy and now has prosthetic eyeballs.

The 22-year-old, who is currently enrolled in the school for the blind, was intervened on August 5 by the Dr. Joseph Gorrin, from the Gorrin Clinic in Greenville.

“I was so excited, I just wanted to appear more normal to the outside world,” explained Kaylee as reported by People.

The horrible incident caused Kaylee to change her life radically. She entered rehab and vowed to stay sober.

After the recent procedure, Kaylee is so happy that everyone around her gives thanks.

Her boyfriend admits that he feels “a lot of joy, love, appreciation and thanks to God. Seeing Kaylee happy makes me happy. She is always an optimistic and positive person, but this makes her happier. It’s amazing to be able to look into her eyes, “he explained.

In spite of everything, he admits that the road to giving up drugs was “terrible, physically and mentally, I suffered from hallucinations and psychosis.” However, give thanks for overcoming the battle.

Kaylee is now working on a book about her experiences.