New York : Ximena Duque’s son melts the nets by bribing his little sister with Santa Claus

New York :

The holidays are getting closer and closer and like all children, the daughter of Ximena Duque is very excited for the next arrival of Santa Claus; but nevertheless, Everything seems to indicate that this year he will not receive any gift, as he has not been quite good with his older brother.

Through your account Instagram, the Colombian shared a video in which his first-born Cristan is seen talking on the phone with the famous man from the North Pole and, in their conversation, he reveals that the two-year-old has refused to share her food and Nor has he wanted to show her affection when he asks for them.

“Incredible, but the girl already knows the power of convincing with a kiss and a hug. Could it be that the art of manipulation is something innate for us women? What do you think? Son, you too will be able to use your manipulation so that they give you affection, “Ximena wrote at the bottom of the short film in which Luna is seen falling into the trap.

In the supposed conversation, the young man asks his little sister what he would like Santa Claus to bring him as a gift, to which she replies that toy princesses, but what she called the most the attention is that he also asked for gifts for himself, for his mother, for his father and even for your dog Oreo.

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