New York : Yadhira Carrillo confesses that she closed her clothing store and liquidated her employees due to the pandemic

The actress shared that she closed her boutique, so she was forced to fire the employees who worked with her.

Yadhira Carrillo

Photo: Angel Delgado / Agencia Reforma

Due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19, many businesses have had to close their doors, this is the case of the actress’s clothing store Yadhira Carrillo, who confessed that he had to liquidate his employees, since he would no longer need their services during the health emergency.

During her last meeting with the media in the North prison in Mexico City, where she goes to visit her husband Juan Collado, the television star shared that her boutique, where she offers clothes for children and babies, remains closed after the health authorities in Mexico so determined to avoid coronavirus infections.

To the people in my store, because we were not going to open definitively anymore and we did not know for how long, after a few months we liquidated them accordingly, as the law marks and we told them that, if we reopened, by far I would like to call the same people again, which is three“He said before the journalist’s camera Eden Dorantes.

As for the people who help her with household activities, they had to take extreme measures to keep their jobs:

All the people who work with us in the house are there, they tell me: ‘Madam, pay us in half it doesn’t matter, but give us house and food’, and so we are

During the same interview, the 47-year-old actress revealed that her husband’s health problems are still present, so she maintains a special diet low in red meat.

He has been ill, he brings a picture, it seems to be from Gota, we are going to see if it is or not, but they are changing his diet to give him more nutritious things, take away red meat and give him more vegetables, green juices, I am changing him diet starting today“He finished.