New York : You decide not to wax for a whole year for one important reason

New York :

Though the concept of beauty is something completely subjective, The truth is that there are many canons or stereotypes on this subject that many and many of us would like to completely erase from the face of the Earth.

One of the topics related to female beauty is hair removal. For many decades we have been shown that for a woman to look beautiful and perfect, she must practically not have any trace of hair in certain areas or zones of the body.

Waxing is not always pleasant, as this procedure can become extremely painful, which is why many may come to think that they wish they could walk through life “naturally” without being criticized or singled out.

That was exactly what he decided to do a 31-year-old woman from Ontario, Canada, who stopped waxing for a year with the intention of launching a powerful message to society.

Eldina jaganjac He has shared on his Instagram account several photos of her and how she looks after not shaving any part of her body in the last 365 days, including visible parts such as her face.

Jaganjac explained that one of the reasons for making that decision was that she became frustrated by the idea that women should not have hair.

“Before I let my hair grow out, I felt like there were extremely limited options on what women were supposed to look like… If a man doesn’t shave and pluck his eyebrows, no one notices or comments and it’s nothing out of the ordinary. the common, “said the girl, who also says she is disappointed by the way some look at her or judge her by her decision and appearance.

In fact, it was such an impact on her that she stopped doing things, like going to the gym, but she finally remembered that her purpose is not to please others but to do things for herself.

In addition, what surprised him the most is that in his networks, those who have received the most criticism are adolescents, although he understands it because he believes that at that age, it is usually difficult to define and understand gender roles.

“I want to convey the message that we are all different and that is okay. There is no one right or wrong, but all people, regardless of gender, should have the right to do what they want with their appearance. Do what is comfortable for you and the right friends will stay, “said Eldina as a conclusion about the premise of her decision, with which she seeks to generate change.

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