New York : You learn you have coronavirus from a Starbucks coffee

New York :

A video uploaded to TikTok has generated a sensation in the last hours, since through this, One user shared how unusual she found out she had coronavirus.

In the video you can see a young woman named Maryn Short, who narrates how you go to a Starbucks to buy a coffee you heard is getting a lot of attention and it is highly requested due to its intensity of flavor and the large amount of ingredients with which it is made.

Maryn was surprised to take the first sip of her Starbucks coffee, as it tasted like nothing at all, nor could I smell it that emanated from the coffee glass, which was prepared with vanilla syrup, caramel, sprinkles and whipped cream.

“This has no flavor. Why can’t I test it? Do I have COVID? Wait, I can’t taste anything, ”says Short with a nervous laugh.


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He also indicated that just that morning, he had woken up with a very congested nose but did not give it importance because he considered that it was a symptom related to an allergy that he suffers at this time.

The video soon went viral. It has more than 3 million reproductions and local media reported that that same day, Short underwent a COVID-19 test which yielded a positive result.

The girl experienced high fevers days later, but fortunately, she is already recovering and assures that she has recovered 80% of her sense of taste. He also invited everyone to continue taking care of themselves and to follow health protocols.

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