Niico, son of Ludwika Paleta, talks about his musical debut and his personal life

Niico’s musical project is not far from his film studios, as he is involved in every detail of audiovisual production. “This whole concept is mine from the cover, the videos, this whole concept is mine, the visual side, the side, even the auditory side, I’m helping everything to be a complete concept,” he explained.

“The first video that is going to come out is animated, and I was in the concept part, but the intention is to do something new with each song, depending on what the theme projects and wants to convey, and thus create something that complements it” .

However, he does not rule out in the future being immersed in the seventh art. “Of course I would love to direct and write my scripts, but the directorial role is something that you have to train yourself first,” he acknowledged.

But what do his famous parents think about it? Well, until months ago, the young artist had not told them that he wanted to dedicate himself to music, so they were not even aware of the plans he was carrying out.


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