Nike x Super Mario Bros., the new concept of sneakers on the Nintendo video game

2023 is the year of the premiere of Super Mario Bros. The Movie, with Chris Pratt and Anya Taylor-Joy as protagonists. More focused on the Nintendo video game than on the film itself, designer Andrew Chiou created Nike shoes conceptualized on the legendary plumber.

Andrew Chiou’s Nike x Super Mario Bros. recently broke through, building on the Jordan Brand chief designer’s passion for gaming.

Let’s remember that the Taiwanese Chiou, beyond his work in the Michael Jordan brand, has as a hobby creating sneaker concepts. Some ideas are taken by Nike, others are sold on a personalized basis, some remain just images.

Chiou relies on the anime that forged his childhood, such as Dragon Ball, Pokémon and Sailor Moon, among others. He is now heading towards video games, starting with Super Mario Bros.

This is the Nike x Super Mario Bros. proposed by Andrew Chiou

The base he uses is Nike Dunk Low shoes, with the particularity of using the panels for various elements related to the Nintendo video game.

Thus, on one side we have the M on a red background like Mario’s cap, the question mark of the cubes, the evil smile of the cannonballs, the cloudy sky on the stage, the red spots on Toad, the green of Yoshi, the pink in Princess Peach’s outfit…

On the tongues is the classic Nike logo, and the signature swoosh on the sides has colors of light and dark orange and blue with yellow.

The result was published on his Instagram account, adding almost 33 thousand likes. Chiou is close to reaching 180,000 followers on his account, where you can see more about his sneaker ideas for both Nike and Jordan Brand.

“Work in progress, more updates soon!” Chiou wrote. “Mash up some of my characters favorite items in Super Mario. I guarantee that no one will want to compete with me in Mario Kart. Swipe to see the inspiration.”

What do you think about this new concept by Andrew Chiou for Nike?