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Ninjala debuted in mid-June of last year and has managed to capture the interest of Nintendo Switch players. The game has evolved over the seasons thanks to the constant support of GungHo Online Entertainment. This has attracted new players and recently the game got a new million downloads and to celebrate it the developer is rewarding players and is already preparing a lot of content to celebrate the first anniversary of the title.

GungHo Online Entertainment announced that days before it was 7 months after its release, Ninjala was already downloaded 7 million times. To put this achievement in perspective, we remind you that the title got 6 million downloads a few months ago, in October of last year, which means that it took only 3 more months for Ninjala to get 1 million more users.

As on other occasions, the developer in charge of the game will celebrate this achievement with fans, who will be able to receive 100 Jala, the in-game currency, at no cost. All you have to do is enter the game before March 24 at 8:59 PM (Mexico City time). We remind you that Ninjala has given 600 Jala, so if you claim this new gift, you will have collected 700 Jala for free since the game’s premiere.

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Much content is coming to Ninjala

But that’s not all, GungHo Online Entertainment shared a new video in which it shows several news that will come to Ninjala soon and revealed its roadmap for the following months. The most striking thing is the collaboration event that will start on January 28 and that will include content from the second collaboration with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, specifically a new shirt and a song by the singer that can be used as a background theme; additionally, you will have a second chance to get the articles and the topic of the first collaboration.

There will also be another collaboration that players who are also fans of Suda51 will love, as they will be able to get content related to the Let it Die game, which was published by GungHo Online Entertainment. Items such as a protagonist’s mask, a coolly designed skateboard weapon, stamps, and an Ippon Decoration are included. The Ninja Gum and decoration will be exclusive to the Battle Pass, while the stamp will be a login bonus.

The collaboration with the Japanese celebrity runs from January 28 to February 17, and the Let It Die collaboration will begin on February 25 and end on March 11.

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But to lighten the wait, you should know that you can enjoy the new type of special battles S-Blast Battle, in which the S-Burst will be replaced, but instead of causing a parry when the player is attacked, the attacker will be made back off and in case an attack is made at the same time a parry will be unleashed. It was revealed that all players who participate in this trial mode will receive Ninja Gum and Assist Codes after each battle, they will also have a chance to win the Xenon Headphones. The next trial period will take place from January 29 to 31.

Ninjala prepares to celebrate his anniversary

As we told you, the developer revealed her plans for Season 5 and 6. After Season 4 – in which the Loot Battle Matsuri limited-time event will also take place – new gumball weapons, 2 new collaborations will be added , a new type of special battle and a tutorial mode. But what seems more exciting is that Season 6 will celebrate the first year of Ninjala with new gumball weapons, Shinobi Cards, a new setting, and a new collaboration. This season is expected to unfold in June with more additions to follow, such as Clans, multiplayer waiting rooms with avatars, and much more.

Are you already part of the Ninjala player base? Are you still playing it? Tell us in the comments.

We remind you that GungHo Online Entertainment has also released multiple anime episodes that reveal the story of the characters and the most recent is focused on Emma, ​​a dancer who uses her ninja powers to fight crime.

Ninjala is available exclusively for Nintendo Switch. You can find more news related to him if you visit his file.

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