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Sony Playstation 5 :

The next February 5th both the first Nioh and Nioh 2 will arrive remastered to PS5 with a version that will be free for those who wish to update it from their game of the last generation. On the occasion of its imminent launch, today Koei Tecmo has published a extensive trailer in which we can see how the second installment will move on the next-generation Sony console.

Nioh 2 is coming to PS5 with several graphical and performance improvements that will get it running on resolution up to 4K and framerate up to 120 fps on compatible displays. It will have several image modes, so when running at full resolution its frame rate will not be as smooth. Yes, as the video you can see below these lines shows, Nioh 2 remastering for PS5 can run at 4K and 60fps.

Nioh 2 will also come to PC with graphics and performance improvements

When Nioh 2 arrives on PS5 on February 5, it will do so having already received all their DLC announced. The last, The first samuri, was launched last December closing the narrative arc of this game, also adding “some of the most challenging missions and the most powerful rivals in the entire series”. However, its successive updates have continued to add content and the latest one, released a few days ago, includes new details such as more plants for Hell, among other things.

PS5 will not be the only platform on which Nioh 2 will launch with these graphical improvements, as the same February 5 will go on sale on PC via Steam with very similar performance levels that will allow support for 4K Ultra-HD, ultra-wide display, HDR, 144Hz monitors, and keyboard and mouse controls. That same day it will go on sale Nioh Collection, a pack with both games in the series for PS5 and PC, including these graphic improvements in both and all the additional content that has been released so far.

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