no joke

From Canada is coming the latest threat for the peace of the entire United States. Interestingly, it is not a foreign or military risk that anyone could imagine in the first instance. Unless the first thing they thought of was a herd of highly intelligent super pigs.

The previous paragraph could seem like a twisted joke or the subject of a narration of absolute fiction, especially in the current context of high tensions at a global level. Where it seems that there is a growing paranoia and concern that other nations or even aliens may invade that particular territory of the American continent.

But the twisted reality is that the United States today is in real danger from a more latent, serious, real, tangible, and even lethal threat: a rampaging pack of Canadian super-pigs that can totally upset the balance of many systems.

These animals destroy crops, attack weaker species that they consider hostile, transmit diseases, travel in groups, are more intelligent than a normal pig, for decades they have increased their numbers without control and they are on their way to the United States.

The threat is real and its arrival in the territory of that nation can mean more than one predicament for all citizens.

The story of the Canadian super pig that will invade the United States

The story, as shared by friends of Guardianit goes more or less like this: the first explorers and settlers brought the domestic pig to America around the year 1500, being used for years as a farm animal.

Around 1900, the Eurasian wild boar was then brought in to be used as prey in sport hunting activities. But then both species began to interbreed.

Nothing happened with this hybrid breed for many years, centuries, but in the 1980s a group of Canadian farmers had the idea of ​​crossing this domestic swine variant with wild boars, thus giving rise to super pigs.

Their apparent advantages seemed obvious: they are bigger, they produced more meat, and they were easier to hunt on Canadian reserves. But what they didn’t count on is that a seemingly harmless number of species would escape a few years ago.

So in the last decade they have grown in number to the point of becoming a threat. Wild Canadian super pigs weigh up to 300 kilograms, devastate crops, spread disease, are far more intelligent than their ancestors, and can even kill much larger animals such as deer and elk.

Initially when the first species went on the run at the end of the 20th century it was thought that the extreme cold of Canada could extinguish them, but now we see that it simply did not happen.

To date, cases of the presence of these super pigs have been reported in 34 states of the Anglo-Saxon country. So it could well be said that the invasion has already happened.