“No man has found me the G spot yet”

The twerk For me it means empowerment, when you dance it you let go, you admire yourself, you love yourself and you like what you do. It’s one more dance that features the ass“said Pedro in his presentation at First dates this Tuesday after being received by Matías Roure.

And he recognized with laughter that “the G-spot is not difficult to find, but no man has found me or has not known: What am I going to do to him? “He added that” I like that my partner is very manly.

Santiago, a Colombian living in Alicante, was his date on the Cuatro program, where he commented that “Sometimes I happen to be loving because when I fall in love, I give myself a lot and many people are not prepared for that”.

The problem I have had with Latinos is that they have it very big and we have to face it. I tried, but in the end it was very bad, “admitted Pedro after meeting his partner that night.

The Colombian realized that he already knew the Alicante man because “I have given him some like in social networks to your videos by twerk“and noted that He did not mind that “he makes a little money uploading hot photos to the Onlyfans platform, as long as he respects me …”.

On the sexual issue, Santiago assured that “I have not yet tried everything that I would like to try, but I would like to have sex while I parachute”. Another plus point for the aspiring actor was that “I am an expert in finding the G-spots of my partners.”

Pedro dances on 'First dates'.
Pedro dances on ‘First dates’.

That detail did not go unnoticed by the dance teacher: “Interesting, there is a lot of work to do there then,” said Pedro. He also wanted to show his skills and danced to him twerk to Santiago to conquer him.

At the end, Pedro did want to have a second date with Santiago “to get to know each other better and have a few drinks.” The Colombian, for his part, did not want to be “as a couple” again, but “as friends.”.

Santiago and Pedro, in 'First dates'.
Santiago and Pedro, in ‘First dates’.

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