“No precedent”, he “deserved” …: the US press review after Donald Trump’s second impeachment procedure

Donald Trump has become the first US president to face impeachment proceedings twice. What do the American dailies think of this? Newspaper.

MOn Wednesday, a majority of elected House of Representatives voted to formally indict Donald Trump for inciting violence on Capitol Hill, paving the way for a historic second trial of the President of the United States.

“Impeached again”, “again indicted” is what stands out most in the press “made in US”.


The threshold of 217 votes in favor of indicting Donald Trump was exceeded, the Democratic-majority House therefore adopted the indictment against the Republican president, and this a second time, a year after being accused of ‘pressuring the Ukrainian president in exchange for information about Joe Biden. For the Washington Post “there is no doubt” that the outgoing president “deserved” it. But this trial could have serious consequences for Joe Biden. Indeed, such a procedure “would eclipse the first days of the elected president, slowing down the confirmation of the members of his cabinet” as well as its program, notes the Post. Especially since Joe Biden has made the “reunification” of Americans a priority at the start of his mandate. It will not be an easy task in such a context.

“There is no precedent” for trial after president’s term ends, New York Times notes
. For the New York daily, even if he was sentenced, Donald Trump could run in 2024, a hypothesis that the president on the exit himself raised. Unless another Senate simple majority vote prevents it.

The LA Times sees this second impeachment proceeding as “a key moment that will undoubtedly overshadow all of the achievements of the Trump presidency such as tax cuts, business deregulation and the appointment of federal judges” .

“Trump’s grip on the GOP is still strong”

For the Wall Street Journal, this indictment deepens divisions within Republicans. “The split has repercussions on the party,” notes the economic daily.

The Huffington Post, however, warns that “Trump’s grip on the GOP is still strong” and getting rid of it will be “a long and uphill battle” for Republicans. “It remains the heart of their party, but with an asterisk next to its name reminiscent of its two impeachments,” said the news website.

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