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Jaime Ordiales arrived at Cruz Azul in December 2019, hired by Guillermo Álvarez.

In itself, the arrival of Ordiales was the last act of “Billy” in La Noria, today he is missing, wanted by justice accused of embezzlement.

As soon as Álvarez left and the new administration headed by Víctor Velázquez and José Antonio Marín, directors of the Administrative and Surveillance Councils of the Cooperativa La Cruz Azul, arrived, it was expected that everything that smelled of the past would end, it would leave the institution . But no.

-Is the name “Billy” Álvarez and everything that surrounds this banned in the new Cruz Azul? Ordiales was asked.

“I don’t know. Nobody has told me anything. In my case nobody has told me anything. I worked with him, today with the people I work with is different, as long as they respect my work … I don’t pay attention to legal disputes, not all that concerns … “.

So what smells like “Billy” Álvarez, hasn’t necessarily left the club.

“I think not …, I came with one administration and I continue with another. From Isaac (Velasco) in finance and all areas of the club, there are people who have been working here for a long time. We have adapted, we continue without problems.”

At Cruz Azul we work normally, in search of goals, seeking financial and sports stability.

“We are like in the other teams. Perhaps those from the north are stronger, the rest of us adapt to the twists that are experienced in this industry and all industries. The budget has been reduced due to the pandemic, not for other causes and that is normal. The team is well packed there is great quality. You have to make adjustments and think about meeting the objectives. “

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