Noel Bayarri makes a striptease to Marta Peñate after kissing (and wasting “a lot of chemistry”) in ‘Solos’

On February 8, Marta Peñate and Noel Bayarri entered Alone without knowing each other and, since then, both have hit it off perfectly. An example of this are the fun games in which they participate, ranging from the typical ‘kiss or challenge’ to a costume party … with striptease included.

Marta Peñate in 'The debate of temptations'.

The couple of contestants were encouraged to dress up quarterback and cheerleader at an American party. Thus, they had a hamburger for dinner, performed several typical high school scenes and, later, held a striptease starring the extronista from Women and men and vice versa.

The canary gave it his all in the Mediaset ‘little flat’, which was set for the occasion: the dimmed lights and the music accompanied the show, in which the contestant he started to take off clothes until he stays in his underwear. “I love it,” said Peñate, who, finally, was left wanting more.

This is not the only moment in which the faces of Telecinco showed to waste “a lot of chemistry” (This is what many of the viewers who follow them from Mitele PLUS believe, as they wrote in the chat). On other occasions, the hugs, laughter and challenges of the program have made it clear that there is a very good harmony between Peñate and Bayarri.

This weekend, the couple of participants dared, in fact, with a game in which they had to put themselves to the test, and that ended in a kiss, since Bayarri refused to put three ice cubes in the underpants.

The contestants had to give themselves a peak if the canary refused to comply with his partner’s proposal, and that is how it happened. They both kissed laughing, before the cameras of Alone. At the moment, they claim to be friends, although some viewers fantasize about the possibility that something else will end up emerging.

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